HLSW Game Server Tool

HLSW known as Half-Life Server Watch used to browse game servers, administrate game servers and players in the servers. HLSW supports many steam and non-steam multiplayer games. HLSW also have ftp plugin to manage game-files, upload, delete plugins etc. HLSW have buid-in console to send commands directly to the game. HLSW is widely used for Half-Life Multiplayer games like counter-strike 1.6 and counter-strike global offensive. HLSW is completely freeware and free to download and use for everyone. It can run on system start and on tray icon. HLSW can directly connect to the game without opening it.

HLSW has also introduced Android application for mobile phones. Which has only monitoring players on the current servers and pinging the servers related functionality.


  • Monitor game-servers
  • Monitors players frags, time connected etc
  • Manage game-servers
  • Can send rcon commands to the server
  • Build-in game-console
  • HLSW plugins/ addons
  • Network activity of server such as ping, time out etc

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